Which plants to choose for your bathroom decoration?

Do you dream of taking your shower or your bath in an atmosphere of paradise in the middle of lush vegetation, magnificent flowers with why not warm air and the sweet song of birds accompanying that of the sea? So maybe you need to move to an island in the middle of the tropics. But before that, try something else: what if you looked at green plants?

It is a choice which, on reflection, turns out to be particularly relevant. On the one hand you have the vegetal atmosphere without the inconveniences of insects and other wild beasts. On the other hand, the trend is always more green, in all rooms of the house, even in the bathroom.

More seriously, in addition to bringing decoration to your bathroom, plants have a real impact on the air of the room. They clean it, they release oxygen and filter many pollutants. In addition, plants have an ability to balance ambient humidity. In doing so, they improve the air quality and therefore the living comfort of all the inhabitants of the house. In short, plants optimize both your home and your health.

So all you need is a simple plant in a designer pot placed in a well thought-out place in the bathroom and you’re done. The humidity of the room and the fact that you come there daily means that your plant will be doing wonderfully, and – we wish you – will thrive. In other words, any green or tropical element will be perfect as a decoration in your bathroom. So what would be the best choice of plants for your bathroom? Here are 10, hoping they inspire you.

The Palm tree

You wanted to travel far when all you needed was a saw palmetto to put in your bathroom. With its long elegant leaves, the dwarf palm, also called mountain palm, is reminiscent of the sun, the sea and the beach. It is simply necessary to water it regularly to make it happy. As for its size, don’t worry, it rarely exceeds one meter in height.

The orchid

The orchid is a rather constraining flower but without doubt also one of the most beautiful. The orchid is a flower that can have multiple shapes and colors. There are over 20,000 different species. They need both heat, light and moisture. All these conditions are often met in a bathroom. Do not move them too often, orchids do not like sudden changes of location.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a plant well known for its medicinal properties. And as an interior decoration plant, it is also full of advantages since it is both robust and very easy to maintain. In addition, with these straight and pointed leaves, it has made its place in a design and modern interior.

indoor ivy

Devil’s ivy also nicknamed “indoor ivy” has nothing to do with ivy. It is a climbing perennial that looks great when hung. Devil’s or indoor ivy is therefore ideal if you are short on space. Despite its small size, it has a great decorative value. It often has beautiful multicolored leaves and its stems can reach incredible lengths.

mother-in-law’s tongue

The sansevieria better known as “mother-in-law’s tongue” is a plant that can be forgotten, that’s not a problem. It likes both shade and humidity, which is why it totally has its place in a bathroom. It exists in many colors and many shapes, which makes it ideal for personalizing your decoration. It is often found very subtly arranged in the decoration of spas or beauty salons.

The spathiphyllum or moon flower

If you’re just starting out and don’t know much about plants, this is the one for you. Very popular, it is both easy to maintain – just regular watering is enough – and very elegant. You will recognize it by its dark green foliage and white bracts. Loving both shade and high humidity, it is at ease in a bathroom. Also, it is a great air purifier.


It is a very interesting plant to work in decoration because it grows quickly. So remember to control its growth. It is very easy to assemble it and make beautiful arrangements: against a wall like a palisade, in beautiful tall vases like bouquets, etc. It is an exotic plant that loves both water and light.

Le bromeliad

Bet on a bromeliad to immediately create a tropical atmosphere. It is the perfect bathroom plant! It is at home in a warm and humid environment, without direct sunlight. It attracts attention with its bright colors. Its colorful bracts have almost all possible colors.

In the bromeliad family, which is none other than that of our famous pineapple, you can also opt for Tillandsias otherwise known as “daughters of the air”.

Le chlorophytum

Often referred to as a “spider plant”, chlorophytum is both attractive and easy to care for. Its long, narrow leaves, reminiscent of a head of hair, look good in a light and elegant interior. You can place it in height so as to take advantage of its long delicate ribbons. It also has a purifying power by filtering certain chemicals present in the air.

Le philodendron

Some species lend themselves to bathroom decoration. With large leaves, the philodendron can be hung or placed on green walls. It tolerates low light levels and humidity in the bathroom. It is also an air purifying plant since it eliminates volatile chemicals present in the air.


Succulents are succulents without thorns. Graphic and easy to grow, they appeal to interior designers. If you don’t have a lot of floor space, dedicate a shelf to plants. Place some bathroom accessories between the succulents and cacti. It will be the most beautiful effect.

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