Which practical and decorative floor covering for a bathroom ?

In many rooms in the home, appearance matters. When you redecorate a bedroom, an office, a living room, you want them to have the most beautiful effect. For a bathroom too, but that is not the priority. What matters is practicality.

Before deciding on a particular bathroom flooring, try to see how it will react when submerged in water. It’s a bit exaggerated but that’s almost how the problem should be considered: the water is everywhere from the floor to the ceiling, passing through the basin(s). So be careful that moisture does not play tricks on you by choosing the wrong type of coating. What if there was only mold! You also need to take into account the longevity of the material, its ease of installation and its price.

What are the 6 most used practical and decorative floor coverings for a bathroom?

The tiling

Whether in ceramic, earthenware or stoneware, it is the undisputed leader because it is the most common coating.

The advantages: there are multiple versions, whether in terms of size, shape, color. This allows you to create your floor and make it one of a kind. Also, joints that are known to be unsightly tend to become more aesthetically pleasing or disappear. In addition, the price range is wide and can satisfy small and large budgets. Finally, maintaining tiling is child’s play.

The disadvantages: the other side of the coin is that this type of coating is not easy to install if you don’t know a little about it. Better to call a professional.

natural stone

It is one of the oldest coatings that has been set aside in favor of tiling. However, it is a coating that has a lot of character, even more when you choose a local stone, typical of the region where you live. Natural stone is used in the walk-in showers, on the walls as well.

The advantages: as with tiles, stone is durable, resistant and easy to maintain. There are more varieties than you might imagine: marble, travertine, granite, slate, etc. Having it as a coating gives a very decorative and design side to your bathroom.

Disadvantages: again, the stone is not easy to install without the help of an expert. It is heavy and may require a particularly solid ground to receive it. Depending on which one you choose, it can get expensive quite quickly.

Solid wood flooring

It is often said that wood and bathroom do not mix. Does that seem contradictory to you? Yet more and more, wood is chosen as a coating. Certain exotic species such as teak, which is very resistant to humidity, lends itself well to this. Of course, the wood must have been treated beforehand.

The benefits: If appearance is important to you, wood will look great in your bathroom. Very aesthetic, it will also make your room warm.

The disadvantages: for the seal to be perfect, it is better to call on a professional to lay your parquet. This soil remains relatively fragile and can be easily maintained. It may fade over time or in the sun. It is one of the coatings with the highest cost, without forgetting that its carbon footprint is very bad since teak comes from Asia.

The laminate

Like tiling, there are an infinity of them. It is a chipboard – wrongly considered as a parquet.

The advantages: it can take many shapes and colors.

The disadvantages: its maintenance is delicate. Be sure to choose a coating that is suitable for the bathroom and above all to avoid a large amount of water.


The vinyl comes in the form of rolls or tiles to be assembled. It’s the linoleum of yesteryear, which has fallen into disuse.

The advantages: it shares those of tiling, which are the wide range of shapes and colours, ease of installation and maintenance and a variable price – affordable for the smallest budgets.

Cons: If you damage it, it’s not easy to fix it. Pay attention to the products you use to maintain it if you want to ensure a long life.

The concrete

Matte or waxed, concrete is one of the latest coatings to hit the market.

The advantages: it can be made in many colors. It is possible to install it not only on the floor but also on the walls, inside the shower, on the basins, etc.

The disadvantages: it is a fairly expensive coating. To be installed by a professional.

What to consider when choosing bathroom flooring

You see that there are a considerable number of possibilities for your bathroom. So how to make a choice? Start by determining your priorities. Why are you considering a new coating? Is it for a new house, to redo an existing bathroom or to better resell your house by optimizing it? Each track can potentially influence the coating you choose. Your personal preferences and choices will obviously come into play. Of course, only your taste will not help you to choose since it is also a question of your budget which undoubtedly limits what you can afford. Finally, really try to opt for a coating that keeps mold and moisture damage at bay. And choose a product that lasts a long time and is easy to maintain.

Which bathroom flooring is the easiest to maintain?

Each of the coatings mentioned above has its advantages. However, if you are looking for an easy-care floor, you should turn to tiles or vinyl.

The tile is water resistant, but it is also stain resistant. So if you accidentally spill something on its surface, it will be convenient to clean. In addition, its resistance is foolproof: you will not have to worry about any shocks or scratches. Vinyl is also very durable. And a sweep or mop will be enough to keep it clean.

What are the easiest floor coverings to install yourself?

If you want to install your new bathroom floor on your own, there are many options to choose from. Of course, some are to be avoided, of course.
Unless you’re an expert, avoid anything that involves tiling. The simplest options remain laminate and vinyl. You just need to put planks together easily, it’s very easy to install. For some versions, you don’t even have to apply an underlay because it is already integrated into the product. If you want the look of natural stone, without laying real stone, you can opt for vinyl that replicates the look of stone. Some are very well done and very realistic.

Your final choice in practical and decorative flooring for your bathroom

Which flooring is best for your bathroom floor? Let’s say it’s up to you.
Are you on a tight budget? So opt for tile or vinyl. Do you want to install the flooring yourself? So choose a floating floor or even vinyl. Are you redoing all the rooms in your house to sell it better? Invest in a slightly more expensive material like stone or wood and have it installed by a professional.

These are all the factors that can influence your decision. Do you see others?

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