Which protection system for a swimming pool : cover shutter tarpaulin ?

It is true, a swimming pool is a real living space that is very popular with both adults and children. We spend a lot of our time there in the summer. And the implementation of a protection system is necessary if you want to enjoy your private pool in complete safety. Which device is right for you?

Pool enclosures

Since January 2013, the legislation has been clear and very explicit on this. To avoid drowning, especially if young children live on the property, individuals are obliged to secure their swimming pool. And with the protective barriers, the shelters are among the devices that are qualified as extremely reliable. The only downside is the price. Nevertheless, this expense is well worth it when you know that a quality shelter easily has a lifespan of around twenty years.

And then, do not forget that by investing in such equipment, you no longer have to put up with the vagaries of the weather. Your pool is accessible all year round, especially when it rains. You can even set up a relaxation area in its own right by investing in high shelters of at least 1.90 meters. Sliding, telescopic, or even liftable, you are spoiled for choice in terms of its material. Aluminum is the most common, but wood and steel are also to be studied.

The swimming pool cover

Otherwise, for a few years the great trend has been towards swimming pool shutters. This rolling panel is popular, among other things, for its ease of use. Indeed, its opening and closing are done by means of a crank. Otherwise, for maximum comfort, it is also possible to automate this curtain. In addition, it can very well be installed on pools that have already been built. Anyway, the existence of a reel is strongly recommended.

Here, it is the guarantee of a completely closed and covered pool. And since any risk of falling is removed, adults no longer need to constantly monitor the area, especially if children are playing nearby. You will also have the satisfaction of limpid and clear water since the basin is effectively preserved from insects, falling leaves and dead branches.

Swimming pool cover or tarpaulin

Swimming pool cover or tarpaulin

Bubble or for wintering, a cover has many undeniable advantages. And its main major advantage is its very competitive price, because this canvas is the cheapest protection on the market. However, its quality and resistance will depend mainly on its thickness and material. As for its dimensions, they can be adjusted at will, depending on the shape of your pool.

Reserved only for the summer season, the bubble model filters the sun’s rays. The ultra-violets favor the development of algae which are at the origin of the cloudy color of the water. In addition, preventing evaporation, this isothermal protection keeps the water at the right temperature. How to do ? Nothing could be simpler, all you have to do after each day of swimming is to cover the pool at the end of the evening.

The next day, leave the tarp exposed to the sun for a bit. Do not remove it until the last moment when the bathing session is about to begin. Better, it is even possible to increase the heat of the water if you buy a solar or infrared model. Only here, a bubble cover always goes hand in hand with a winter cover. Indeed, the swimming pool must also be covered during the cold season. Opaque canvas is preferred over netting.

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