White sofa : should I be tempted ? What about stains and maintenance?

White is synonymous with purity. It is a color that brightens up any room. It is a timeless shade, therefore always very fashionable. But to keep it white as the first day, it is better to know the tips and tricks. So before you dare to offer yourself the white sofa of your dreams, read this instead.

Family life, especially with young children, pets or simply wear and tear or our daily activities make it difficult for a white sofa to remain impeccably pure. In this case, it is better to opt for an easy-to-clean white sofa. The simplest solution is to invest in a sofa with a removable white cover. This cover can be machine washed if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions or with a professional. There is also a technology on the market that allows the fabric to be treated: this process allows all stains to be cleaned with water. Find out which sofas are made of this material. It is relatively miraculous in that only water can make your sofa look like new.

What to do in case of a stain on your white sofa?

You are now faced with an unpleasant situation. A horrible stain has just formed on your immaculate white sofa and you have neither a removable cover nor a sofa treated with a technology that works miracles. So how do you clean your couch?

If it’s a grease stain, the first thing to do is soak up the grease with a handful of salt. Then, take a spray bottle in which you first mix white vinegar and hot water, placing twice as much water as vinegar. And moisten the stain. Then cover it with a little baking soda and let it sit for a few minutes. Then vacuum the surface of the stain, until no trace remains. In the case of a coffee stain, remove the rest with a dry sponge. And rub gently with a brush soaked in a little alcohol and vinegar. Then wipe with a clean, dry cloth. For intense color stains, such as blood, use a bleach product such as hydrogen peroxide. Dilute it with a little water and use it only on rare occasions and in very specific situations.

What if it’s not stained but your dear pets are causing nasty odors to emanate from your sofa? In this case, baking soda is the ideal product – as often. Additionally, you can use white vinegar which also has anti-mite properties. But if you have a white sofa with removable covers, then here’s a tip: turn your covers upside down, soak them in a tub with water and 300 grams of salt, take them out and put them in the washing machine, in which you will add half a glass of vinegar, put a short program on cold and then extend them.

How to best maintain your white sofa?

Always have a damp cloth handy so that even if you can’t remove the stain, you can prevent further damage and minimize staining items. Vacuum once a week. If you don’t have the steam option, at least use the appropriate buds for your device. Always consider the fabric properties of your sofa and the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you leave your pet on the couch with you, use a small blanket for their exclusive use. This will prevent possible stains and reduce the risk of odors. If your sofa has lost its color, or if it has changed over time, remember that with colored textiles you can give back some of the life that your sofa has lost.

What type of white to choose?

If you opt for a white sofa, you can choose the white that suits you. It’s subtle, but they’re not all the same. The pure white sofa is the one that has no bluish, yellowish or pinkish nuances… There are whites that pull a little towards light brown. They are ideal for rooms with wooden floors. Some whites have light gray or even silver highlights, giving them an elegant look that resonates throughout the room. An aged white sofa, which simulates the passage of time, will be perfect in a vintage decoration. A creamy white sofa will have a cozy side and will give a touch of softness to your room. A cold white sofa will bring sophistication, but beware of this tone, which may seem lacking in warmth.

If you follow decorative trends, you know that the Nordic style has been on the rise for years. And white is its main standard: it gives light (an imperative need in countries where light is scarce), a feeling of space, purity and serves to conceal defects. Moreover, the possibility of mixing different styles, without overloading, is only possible with a neutral base. So if you want to bring harmony to your interior, you can start by introducing white pieces. They will become a common thread!

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