Why is a ceiling mirror useful? How to choose it ?

An original idea to decorate and enlarge spaces, widely used in interior design since the dawn of time, is the use of mirrors. So why not place them on the ceiling? Whether with different frames of seemingly random shape, in panels or with a continuous appearance, the truth is that they double the height of the room and visually enlarge it. If you have a collection of small mirrors, you can place them on the ceiling in a messy way or on the contrary in a very organized way. You can install a ceiling mirror anywhere in your home or business. They look great in entryways. But also in dining rooms or hallways. They go very well with all styles, but if the frames are old, they can give a vintage touch to your room.

What is a ceiling mirror?

A ceiling mirror is simply a mirror that continuously or piece by piece takes up the entire surface of the ceiling. Either this is completely covered with a reflective surface, or it is dressed in several frames that can have different sizes and shapes. They can be installed in the kitchen as well as in the entrance, in a bedroom or a main room.

Why install a ceiling mirror?

If you are planning to design a new space and you have very narrow areas, long hallways or just a room that you want to be larger, you can extend the mirrored ceiling and give that spacious feeling. You can even create a continuous mirrored wall and ceiling to achieve double the width and height. Try it and see what the result is

In commercial premises, the use of mirrors on the ceiling can be an excellent solution both to obtain more space and to provide a touch of design, since this decorative resource offers a very playful side when it is composed many frames with different shapes and sizes. In addition, the mirror on the ceiling brings brightness, as it increases both natural and artificial light, creating a game of reflections that can be very original.

If your style is minimalist, a mirrored ceiling can look great in the kitchen, while giving it a different and fun touch. They also help in bathrooms, as they are usually not as spacious as we would like.

How to choose your ceiling mirror

You are now in your DIY store or in your favorite decoration brand, unless you are comfortably installed at home surfing the Internet. In any case, you are about to decide on a ceiling mirror. What are the criteria to be observed? What should you base your choice on?

The first criterion is size. Would you like your mirror to cover the entire surface of your ceiling? In this case, it is necessary to take precise measurements. Then there is the question of form. Do you want a mirror that completely covers your ceiling or just many frames of different sizes and shapes arranged in a designer way? Also be mindful of the thickness of the chosen mirror(s). The thicker the mirror, the stronger it is. Finally, the criterion that is of great importance remains that of the method of attachment: how are you going to hang your mirror? In a bathroom, even more than in any other room, take the advice of a professional. Because the humidity inherent in the room can play tricks on you.

How to maintain your ceiling mirror?

It all depends on the nature of your mirror. For some, only water is enough then drying with a soft cloth. If your water is too hard, you can add a few drops of white vinegar. For the maintenance of an acrylic mirror, you can use standard window cleaner. If your ceiling mirror is in your bathroom, find out because you have ways to protect it further, including applying glycerin.

A ceiling mirror for events

If you are a professional, you may have the opportunity to take part or organize events. On them it is possible to install mirrors on the ceiling. Companies offer mirrors for sale or rental, in fact metallic films stretched over metal frames, to sublimate and give relief and depth to the spaces of your event. These service providers come and install this type of ceiling for you for a trade show, a photo shoot, a fashion show, a play or any communication action. This type of mirror is light and easily transportable, it has an optimal power of reflection similar to that of a traditional mirror. It gives your events a touch of originality.

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