Wood aluminum steel or PVC entrance door: pros and cons!

The front door not only preserves and protects your home from burglars, it is also the very first contact with your visitors and guests. All the more reason to choose it with taste and aesthetics. Which materials do you prefer?

A wooden front door

Remember that the first impression is always the right one. Your front door should not only reflect the style of your interior, but also the personality of the household. And wood is still widely used today for entrance doors. Both classic, but above all timeless, this material brings a touch of elegance and warmth to your facade. It is also a particularly robust material which also proves to be an excellent thermal and sound insulator.

What’s more, wood is available in a very wide range of species, as well as in a wide variety of colors. The choice is simply limitless and endless. And even if it is very easy to find these days wooden doors that are sold at affordable prices, the entry-level models are to be discarded. You should especially orient yourself towards hard species such as oak for example.

Otherwise, for those who want high quality, exotic woods such as teak are the most robust. Rot-proof, they withstand climatic aggressions very well. And of course, as you can imagine, quality has a cost. One of the first disadvantages of this material remains its very high price compared to aluminum and PVC. In addition, since wood is a living material, regular maintenance will also be necessary. And then, be sure to choose PEFC-certified wood, guaranteeing that it comes from sustainably managed forests. To be sure not to make a mistake, turn to recognized and certified professionals.

An aluminum front door

Although the craze for wood is still very real, for several years now we have been more and more interested in aluminum, a material that has mainly been highlighted in decoration by the industrial style: a success that is based above all on its design, which is both sober and refined, thus making aluminum a material that conveys both modernity and elegance.

But aluminum is also acclaimed for its very lightness, thus offering great ease of installation and installation. In addition, opting for aluminum doors is also making a long-term investment. Indeed, stainless, this material is undoubtedly one of the only ones which supports without flinching the vagaries of the weather and the vagaries of the weather.

Not afraid of the sea air, aluminum is very suitable for properties and second homes located by the sea. There is no risk of rust or corrosion even if it is a house. the feet in water. The only downside: being an excellent conductor, this material turns out to be a poor insulator. Thus, for better thermal performance of your home, only buy models equipped with a thermal break system.

A PVC entrance scope

A material that offers a very good quality/price ratio, PVC is also very popular in terms of front doors. And unlike aluminium, this material, also known for its flexibility, can be handled at will, thus offering a wide range of patterns and shapes. Made-to-measure is entirely possible with polyvinyl chloride.

Otherwise, the other great advantage of the PVC entrance door is that you can easily combine it with other materials. Glass or composite, all combinations are possible. Moreover, not being strong enough compared to aluminum and wood, polyvinyl chloride entrance doors are generally reinforced from the inside with galvanized steel.

This material could also deform after long exposure to the sun. This is why you should favor models that have benefited from an anti-UV treatment. As for its maintenance, an occasional wash with warm soapy water will be more than enough. However, to avoid scratching the surface of the door, do not use an abrasive sponge. Finally, to preserve its aesthetics, consider applying a plastic renovator to the PVC once a year.

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