Wooden kitchen : does it still have a place in the at home ?

Wood is one of the most beautiful materials there is, and arguably the most versatile for decorating a home. Whatever its style or function, it fits in just about any environment. And in a kitchen, what about? Wood in your kitchen, would that be a good idea? Here are a few lines to give you an idea.

What style of kitchen are wooden kitchens made for?

Wooden kitchens are particularly suitable for country houses that want to play the rustic card. If you are an avid fan of “vintage romantic” design, a wooden kitchen could also be very suitable for you. Wood has nothing has been in a kitchen contrary to what some might think. On the contrary, with wood, it gives you greater flexibility. Who says wood does not necessarily mean complete wooden kitchen. Kitchen furniture with a light wooden decoration can fit perfectly into a modern kitchen. What marry modern and retro charm of the old. A wooden kitchen can be full of potential.

What kinds of wooden kitchens are there?

Wooden kitchens are many and varied. There are solid wood ones. Or those made of reclaimed wood. If you want a kitchen where all the components are made entirely of wood, choose a solid wood kitchen. As the name suggests, solid wood kitchens are made from a single tree trunk – you will search in vain for knots or cracks in these high-quality models. Reclaimed wood kitchens are also truly unique. In some cases, only the fronts are veneered with real wood, the remaining components are made of other materials. As for wood-look kitchens, they are usually not made of wood at all, but are only modeled after the grain of the wood in their design. Some so-called wooden kitchens only have the appearance: in order to obtain the most natural appearance possible, the woods are photographed and drawn on support plates in the form of a film.

What are the advantages of a wooden kitchen?

With a wooden kitchen, you not only bring a piece of nature directly into your home, but you also opt for a durable and robust kitchen. Depending on the type of wood chosen, the charm of your kitchen will be different. And then maintaining your new kitchen in your favorite wood will also be very easy – cleaning with a damp cloth in the direction of the grain is usually sufficient.

Which type of wood to choose for your kitchen?

Industrially, a hundred species of wood are treated. Which means the choice is wide. Not only do these woods differ in their color and grain, but also in their hardness and therefore in their robustness. The most common types of wood for kitchens are maple, birch, oak, alder, beech, cherry, walnut, and pine. Each wood has its own character and there are also big price differences.

  • Maple is a popular wood for making kitchen furniture. It is a fairly common wood in Europe. It is easy to work with and has a nice shine. Maple is light and gives your kitchen a cozy character.
  • Oak is a heavy and robust wood with good manufacturing properties. In terms of color, oak wood is between yellow-brown and light brown. This wood is not only used in kitchens with a “country” atmosphere, it is also particularly suitable for modern kitchens with clear lines.
  • A wood with a very typical rather dark grain is walnut. It is highly valued due to its hardness and strength and is often used in the production of kitchen furniture.
  • Cherry wood is rather reddish. It is medium weight and firm and impresses with its very fine grain. It is one of the most expensive woods.
  • Alder wood comes from Scandinavia and many other European countries. It has a rather orange color and thus creates a particularly cozy atmosphere in your kitchen. It is light, soft and easy to work with. Alder wood is a fairly easily stainable wood, which means that different color variations are possible.
  • Pine can also be tinted in different shades. Its charm comes from small irregularities like knots.
  • Finally, beech is a wood that is both hard and durable, which forms two ideal conditions for making furniture.

How to maintain a wooden kitchen?

Do not use abrasive cleaning products. Avoid microfiber cloths – they work like sandpaper on wood. Obviously, do not use acidic or chemical cleaning products: these can attack the material. When wiping the wood with a damp cloth, try to do it in the direction of the wood structure. Always dry the wood thoroughly so that no water enters it.

In short, wood is a real bias in decoration. Opting for a wooden kitchen is showing character. In addition, it is to demonstrate a sensitivity to ecology because choosing wood means favoring sustainability.

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