The wooden screen : good idea for decoration protection against the wind and view of the neighbors

This term does not speak to you? For some, however, it evokes magnificent decorations in Arab countries, magnificent carved walls… It is a wall that can act as a partition inside and outside as a fence for your garden or terrace. The specificity of a claustra is to both ensure the aesthetics of your room or your exterior but to have an additional utility: that of partitioning two spaces or of protecting a space from bad weather (rain, wind) but also from the gaze of the neighbours. Here is how to know everything about the wooden claustra.

What is the definition of a claustra?

It is a panel or a decorative wall allowing to separate a space. It can be used for decorative purposes in the house, or for more functional purposes in the garden, on your terrace or your balcony. Indoors, it is also called clerestory. It can be used as a railing for a staircase, for example.

What are the possible designs for a wooden claustra?

Whether indoors or outdoors, your fence can be chosen from many different designs. Do you prefer vertical or horizontal blades? Do you prefer curves and openwork? Some models are so beautiful that they will catch the eye of your visitors and those who live in your home on a daily basis. The claustra is self-supporting, it can be placed from the floor to the ceiling, but can simply be installed on half of a wall, a bit like a glass wall. We are talking here about wooden claustra, but it can be considered in many materials, which range from concrete to PVC via metal.

A claustra as a screen

The claustra is there to delimit the areas in your interior as well as your exterior. It can act as a panel protecting you from the gaze of your neighbors. It is an excellent screen. In addition to being functional, you have understood that it can be very aesthetic, very worked.

A claustra as a windbreak

Enjoy the tranquility of your garden or terrace with wooden fences. The wood blends harmoniously into the environment. Some professionals can offer you made-to-measure screens. They will have millimetric precision: from the width to the shape of the slats and their spacing, you can ask them everything to have a unique screen. A little gem that will protect you not only from the view of your neighbors but also from bad weather. Whether modern diamond bands, rustic style fence slats or special shapes: whatever you want, have your fence made to the millimeter according to your ideas. This claustra as a windbreak will make your garden even more beautiful from the inside and protect it from the outside.

What is the point of installing a fence?

Quite simply because it is an element that has a double interest: that of being practical and ensuring a beautiful original decoration. It lets light through when it is openwork. It is therefore perfectly suited for dark rooms that need to be partitioned. It gives privacy, whether in your home or outside, without insulating too much either. The claustra is indeed a good compromise in a home. If one member of the family wants functionality, and the other design, they will probably find themselves around the fence. Are you looking to separate your bedroom and your bathroom or to create a boundary between the kitchen and the dining room? You now have the solution you need.

A do-it-yourself fence

If you feel like a do-it-yourselfer, you can make your screen yourself. Out depends on your level of mastery and your desire for design. Know that to make a claustra quite simple in decoration, you need wooden cleats, screws, dowels and of course a drill. That’s it, are you getting started? In this case, also provide pencils, a measuring tape, a saw, a level and sandpaper. If making a large claustra that takes up the entire height of a wall seems premature to you, start by making a half claustra that only comes on half of the wall. For this, take measurements, make a sketch. Your sketch should give you an idea of ​​the height, width, and thickness of your project. Then consider an approximate number of cleats to use. Then cut out the cleats that will form the frame of your claustra and note the marks from where your vertical cleats will come.

Place these vertical cleats and screw them to the frame. If you want specific cuts, use the saw to cut your cleats as you see fit. Place them horizontally or diagonally, it all depends on your skills in this area! The more you deconstruct, the more the whole can be very aesthetic, but the more complicated it is to assemble and hold together. If you are in something fairly straight, check with your spirit level that this is the case. Are your cleats parallel and perpendicular? For a nice finish, sand the entire fence a little with sandpaper. You can finish with a varnish or paint. Finally, fix your claustra in the place you have planned.

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