The giraffe sander : what is it characteristics and use ?

To install a wall covering or repaint, preparation steps are necessary. Cleaning and polishing all these surfaces manually are arduous tasks, especially for areas that are difficult to access because of the height.

To save time and effort, opting for a giraffe sander seems an effective option. Indeed, the giraffe sander is a practical tool that was designed especially for this kind of situation.

The characteristics of a giraffe sander

The giraffe sander, also called telescopic arm sander, is none other than an eccentric orbital sander extended by a long handle. This is why it is the most suitable tool for sanding high walls and ceilings.

Like orbital sanders, it consists of a circular sanding plate. It can be described as eccentric, because the rotation of this plate is based on the rotary movement of an electric motor.

You can also equip it with a vacuum cleaner to get rid of dust. The sander head is tiltable for better access to surfaces and to limit user effort. The movement of the sander head is facilitated by a flexible transmission allowing it to move up to 180°. The handle being telescopic, its length can go up to 4 meters. The drive motor is near the control handle.

As for the electric motor, it has been specially designed to be impervious to dust that can fall into the gears. This model is heavier than the classic orbital sander: it can weigh between 2.5 to 4.5 kg. The diameter of each sander also varies depending on the format, and can range between 150 to 225 mm.

Additional accessories can be added to the basic model such as:

  • extension cords
  • Interchangeable trays
  • An electronic variator to regulate the speed of rotation

There is also a triangular giraffe sander model for sanding corner surfaces.

Tips for using the telescopic arm sander

To renovate the colors of a ceiling, you must first remove the rest of the paint, and then remove the coating with the sander. After applying a new coating or paint, you can go over with a sander to polish the surface if necessary.

This device can also be used to finish plates and joints on walls and floors.

The giraffe sander is especially made for large spaces, but you can also use it to sand joint strips.

For an impeccable finish, you need a suction sole with a perforated disc. This will limit the spread of dust in the room.

In order to allow better access to the corners, the round sanding head has an open housing on the side. But for a better rendering, the triangular head is more effective.

The sanding disc is not supplied; you will therefore have to choose a hook and loop disc with the corresponding dimensions to the head of the sander. Be careful not to press too hard on the stand when using it, especially on plaster surfaces.

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