How to install curtain rods?

Curtains are very important elements in a house. In addition to being decorative, they protect the privacy of its inhabitants. The curtains are installed at the windows thanks to a set called the rod.

It is composed of two supports and a bar which are easy to install. There is no need to call in professionals to install them, anyone can do it. Here’s how to install curtain rods.

Two kinds of rods

The presence of the curtains gives the tone that we want to attribute to the room. Thus, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the choice of curtains and then to pose them meticulously so that they fall perfectly well. They must also be practical to handle and have the desired effect if it is mainly a question of protecting oneself from the eyes of passers-by outside, for example. There are two kinds of rods for hanging curtains: the ceiling rod and the wall rod. The ceiling rod is placed directly on the ceiling and the wall rod, on the other hand, is fixed on the wall, above the windows.

The tools needed to install the rods

To install the rods correctly, i.e. straight and well positioned in relation to the window, you must have a pencil and a ruler, then a spirit level, a drill, dowels and what a screw. A stepladder is also useful for positioning yourself high up when drilling or taking measurements.

Place the rod on the ceiling

The ceiling rod is made up of two supports with rings, they are to be fixed face to face. The depth between the rod and the wall must measure at least 15 cm and if there is a box, the positioning should be adapted according to its size. The brackets should be 20 – 25 cm from each side of the windows.

Using the pencil, make marks on the ceiling and use them as markers for the places to be drilled. A drill is best suited for making holes to install dowels. The drill bits will be chosen according to the nature of the ceiling: plaster, wood or concrete. When the dowels are in place, the rod can be installed and the bar can be cut to the required length.

Hang the rod on the wall

The brackets are applied to the wall and they hold the bar. They should be 20 – 25 cm on either side of the windows and 10 – 15 cm above the window. To have a good alignment, just use the spirit level and draw a line with the ruler if necessary. After drilling the holes and setting the dowels in the wall, the brackets can be fixed. The bar, most of the time, is cylindrical in shape with decorative tips. It can be adjusted to the length of the rod.

Installing the rods is relatively easy to do, you just have to make sure to respect the measurements so that the curtains slide well.

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