How to paint a ceiling? Mistakes to avoid!


Taking charge of painting your ceiling seems easy. However, for optimal results, in other words to avoid roller marks, it is always beneficial to follow a few tips. As with any initiative, the secret to success lies in preparation.

Find the right material to paint a ceiling without any problem

Painting your ceiling has many benefits. Indeed, it adds light to the room and gives the feeling of a real makeover. Care should be taken to choose a light color. Generally, we choose the white color for its ceiling. However, you can be tempted by other colors, as long as you stay in light tones such as beige or pearl gray. All ranges of pastel are also accepted.

In addition, one can choose for the entire room a monochromatic solution, namely to paint the ceiling in the same color as the walls. The material for painting consists of a brush and a telescopic roller. Since it is a question of painting the ceiling, the stepladder is a great help, failing that, you can opt for a scaffolding. You also need a paint tray, a wringing grid, a mixer and a repainting brush. Finally, provide protective tarpaulins – old sheets can do the trick – as well as masking tape.

Preparations to repaint your ceiling

Before moving on to the painting stage, you must take care to put on the appropriate outfit. A combination and household gloves will not be too much before tackling the work. Furniture should be grouped together in one place and covered with a tarp. Also take care to cover the floor, to avoid possible paint splashes.

The condition of the ceiling to be painted should be checked for a clean result. If the ceiling has already been painted, check that it is not chalky. If this is the case, simply pass a damp cloth over the surface to be painted and wait for it to dry. If the ceiling is cracked, the cracks must be filled by applying a smoothing or filling coating, depending on the depth of the crack. Otherwise, for scales, remove them using a spatula or brush.

Once the ceiling is clear, you can move on to the next step. This is to protect the edge of the adjacent wall with masking tape. This allows greater freedom in the passage of the paint roller.

Adopt the good gestures of a painter

Prepare the paint in the tray by mixing well. The wringing grid will be placed in the tray and allows to have the right amount of paint on the brush. Start painting with the delicate areas, namely in the angles of the ceiling, the rosettes and the cornices.

Gradually paint the rest of the surface in 1m² areas. For an optimal result, the direction of the application of the paint must be done according to the direction of the light. To avoid splashing, take care not to press too hard on the roller. Generally, it takes about 12 hours for the paint to dry. If a second coat is planned, wait for this minimum period before applying it.


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