How to paint your own apartment? Our advice

At one time or another, you will no doubt be taken, like me, to completely redo the paint of your apartment. But the big problem is that professionals are often expensive, so there is no other choice except to tackle the task yourself.


Even if you’ve never had the chance to paint a room before, don’t panic, because this task is easily within reach. The proof, I succeeded, with the help of some friends, to paint my apartment on my own.

The first step will be to choose the material, especially the paint. For my part, I opted for the ecological and natural ranges. Yes, I find that the classics are very rich in chemical components, with in addition this unpleasant smell which persists, once the part is painted.

Otherwise you will also need a roller, brushes and paintbrushes, a paint tray, a plastic sheet, a mixer and masking tape that you will find at your local DIY store.


Most of the preparation will consist mainly of preserving the areas that do not need to be painted. Without forgetting to protect the furniture well, so as not to damage them with paint splashes. The ideal would of course be to completely empty the room concerned. It will also give you a little more freedom in your movements.

Otherwise, group objects and furniture in the center of the room, cover with plastic sheeting and do the same for the floor as well. Masking tape will be used on baseboards, switches, shelves and more.

The painting

Before getting down to painting the walls, I take the time to check that they are not dirty (oil or finger stains, dust, peeling paint, etc.). Otherwise, the paint may not adhere to the walls. So if necessary, I clean the surfaces concerned with soapy water. I rinse thoroughly and let it dry, then I can finally start painting. Always mix the paint well before dipping the brush in it and start with the corners, as well as the areas near the ceiling, floor, windows and doors. Use a stepladder for high places. Once these surfaces are done, you can finally use the roller and finish painting the room.

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