How to use a spirit level ?

If you haven’t used one yet, you’ve probably seen it at the mason who did the paving in your kitchen, or at one of your DIY friends. As you have guessed, this is of course the essential spirit level

What is the spirit level actually used for?

For all your small jobs and repairs at home, are you looking for a reliable and precise spirit level that does not cost too much? For less than twelve euros, you can afford one of these aluminum models commonly found among professionals. You will particularly appreciate its pleasant touch and its precision of measurement. Here is indeed the basic tool of any self-respecting handyman.

Indeed, masonry, carpentry, tiling, electricity… It is simply difficult to do without it both to install your wall shelves, and to check whether the paintings you have just installed are not askew, but perfectly straight. In addition, this manual tool is very easy to handle. There is no need to follow an initiation or special training to handle the spirit level like the pros.

Usually made from metal, you will recognize this instrument by its two tubes filled with liquid, usually yellow in color, in the middle of which an air bubble rolls. And it is precisely through this globule of gas that you measure the horizontality or the verticality of a surface. The level is perfect when the bubble is placed between the two marked lines. And for your information, this indicator always goes in the direction of the highest slope.

Which spirit level to choose?

If until now you thought that a level was not essential for you, it may be time to finally buy one. All occasional DIYers, amateurs or professionals must have one in their toolbox. Now just have to find the right one. Indeed, over the years this measuring instrument has evolved a lot. As a result, there are different models of spirit levels on the market today. Depending on your level of DIY and the frequency of your needs, a basic level will probably be sufficient and perfectly functional. Nevertheless, to have an even more reliable tool, the trapezoidal level will be more interesting. Its accuracy is still half a millimeter per meter. Alternatively, to also measure angles, simply order models with three vials.

Do you do more work outdoors or in your garden? In this case, invest in a mason’s spirit level. Its metal structure makes it a more robust and solid measuring tool. Some even have magnetic sides to make holding and handling them even easier. Finally, people looking for the ultimate will be more interested in laser spirit levels.

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