Renovation of an at home : advice and quotes

From simple refreshment to major renovation of a house in ruins, the budget to devote to the work is extremely variable, but the advantages are worth the expense. Before starting the work, it is necessary to determine the scope of the task while considering the possible steps to be taken in order to always comply with the regulations in force when this is necessary. It remains to study the feasibility of the project as a whole after comparing the home renovation quotes that we have taken care to request through a comparator.

Renovating your house: the advantages

Whether you have just acquired a new property or have lived in your house for decades, its renovation is an important project because the work carried out will make it possible to improve the habitat, both in terms of comfort and of aesthetics. It is in any case an excellent idea to restore real value to one’s heritage, which allows in the event of resale, to realize a return on investment not negligible.

Increase the value of your property is really possible because renovating your house allows, depending on the work carried out:

  • To remedy the unsanitary conditions of the premises,
  • improve occupant comfort,
  • To embellish the interior and/or the exterior,
  • To bring more brightness to the habitat,
  • Take advantage of innovative equipment,
  • To install less energy-consuming devices,
  • To make your home more ecological,
  • To lay materials in the trend,
  • To bring his accommodation into compliance with the regulations.

An owner has every interest in contacting a craftsman upstream so that this professional can draw up an inventory and then know precisely what type of renovation prevails in the house. Thanks to this expertise, it is much easier to estimate the cost of the work because the renovation estimate thus obtained is extremely detailed.

The different types of home renovation

Depending on the condition of the property and the level of obsolescence of the various equipment, it may be necessary to opt for one or other of the following solutions:

  • A light renovation,
  • An intermediate renovation,
  • A major renovation.
  • The radical change of the bathroom such as the replacement of a bathtub by an Italian shower,
  • The installation of a state-of-the-art fitted kitchen or the replacement of a kitchen from another age.
  • To bring down a load-bearing wall for a new distribution of rooms,
  • To change the kitchen,
  • To create a second bathroom or shower room,
  • To build attics,
  • To change the joinery,
  • To carry out a decontamination of lead paints or even an asbestos removal,
  • To carry out a facelift,
  • To install insulation from the outside,
  • To install or even change the insulation in order to carry out an energy renovation that will make the house more efficient. These are essential works to benefit from a home closer to the standards of the 2012 or RT2012 Thermal Regulations.

Light house renovation

This surface renovation is mainly chosen when the house is in good general condition as well as its equipment and its electrical and plumbing networks, but it is a little outdated. Rather, we are talking about refreshing which, without requiring a large budget, is really useful so that the dwelling is well in line with the trend, that is to say more modern aesthetically. A light renovation also called basic renovation generally involves:

  • The replacement of old coverings (wallpapers, stretched canvas but also floor coverings),
  • The installation of a painting for a refurbishment of the rooms of the house,
  • The renovation of the bathroom or toilet thanks to the installation of more contemporary earthenware,
  • The replacement of somewhat outdated sanitary equipment (receiver, balneotherapy totem, washbasin, taps).

The basic renovation of the house only requires minor one-off works that have very little impact on the household’s budget.

Intermediate renovation of a house

This level of renovation requires moderately complex work because, in addition to basic interventions, this also generally includes:

Intermediate renovation entails sometimes complex technical interventions in terms of plumbing and the electrical network which require serious experience in the field.

Major renovation / Rehabilitation of a house

If you want to totally rehabilitate your house in order to bring it up to standard and also to transform it, complete renovation is essential. The work is much heavier than that required for the two other types of renovation mentioned above. Indeed, when it comes to renovate your housewe also intervene at the building level, which allows for example:

This big house renovation requires the intervention of a professional. To be able to benefit from various financial aids, it is compulsory to entrust the work to a craftsman or to an RGE company (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment).

Cost of a home renovation

Price variations take into account:

  • The complexity of the renovation work,
  • The technicality of certain interventions,
  • The quality of the materials used,
  • The duration of the construction,
  • The area to be renovated,
  • the age of the house,
  • The need or not to carry out energy saving work,

The difficulty accessing the site and many other criteria can make home renovation prices vary. Thus, a slight renovation can cost at most 5,000 € while a total rehabilitation of a similar house can require a budget more or less equivalent to 50,000 €, or even higher.

It is generally recommended that the project owner request several home renovation quote. This precaution is useful for comparing the rates applied by the different companies, for equal services, and for bringing competition into play. It is also essential if you do not want to have any unpleasant surprises when settling the work invoice.

Here, as an indication, are some price ranges generally observed depending on the degree of house renovation that is required.

  • Energy renovation only in order to achieve a minima the RT2012 standard: between 400 and 500 €/M².
  • Basic renovation of a house: from 110 to 500 €/M².
  • Intermediate renovation of a house: from 650 to 1,300 €/M².
  • Rehabilitation of a house, ie complete renovation: from 900 to 2,000 €/M².

Many craftsmen apply a home renovation price depending on the area of ​​the property.

Renovating your house: financial aid

Entrust all the renovation of your house to a craftsman EGR is a wise decision. First of all, the building owner benefits from a guarantee. In addition, the work is carried out according to the rules of the art by a experienced and licensed professional. Finally, it is essential to be eligible for certain financial aid and subsidies granted according to the work carried out.

These different boosts – some of which can be combined – can be:

  • The Eco Loan at Zero Rate (Eco-PTZ),
  • Aid from the National Agency for the Improvement of Housing (Anah),
  • The Energy Transition Tax Credit (CITE),
  • Aid from local authorities,
  • Aid from local authorities,
  • Reduced VAT.

Some aid and subsidies are not only granted to low-income households. It is therefore important not to hesitate to find out about the eligibility conditions for renovation aid so that you can take advantage of it to fix up your house at a lower cost.

Before entrusting the entire renovation of your house to a professional, it is essential to study the feasibility of the project, but also to know if it is compulsory to hire an architect. To find out more, just ask several quotes from qualified professionals who also play an advisory role, then to choose the one that best meets the objectives that we have set. Free, no-obligation quotes can be obtained in minutes through a renovation works comparator.

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