When should you think about replacing your windows? Our advice!

Windows are subject to the brunt of climatic variations. Wind, sun, rain, hail but also cold and heat end up weakening or even degrading the carpentry. Over the years, in addition to becoming unsightly, windows have lost their energy efficiency.

The time has therefore come to replace old windows with new, more efficient ones. Let’s discover the signs of weakness to spot before making this type of decision, what is the longevity of the materials of a window, the advantages of current windows and who to contact for successful work.

When can we say that a window is degraded?

The degradation of a window can be easily detected by the occupants of a dwelling, even if they have no particular knowledge in the matter. Some signs are not misleading, namely:

  • From condensation appears on the glass, between the panes that make up double glazing or on the lower part of the joinery, despite daily ventilation of the room, an efficient ventilation system and a sufficient interior temperature,
  • The edges of the window are covered with mold,
  • The joint souple which allows the window to be hermetically closed is damaged in certain places (the term used to designate this seal is weatherstripping),
  • Of the Air Currents are perceptible from the inside when the window is closed,
  • The window opens and/or closes with difficulty.

The accumulation of these indices should encourage the owner of the dwelling to replace his window. The few window sealing solutions that can be found in DIY stores are not enough to improve the condition of the deteriorated window.

Should an old window be replaced?

The notion of age of a carpentry depends largely on the material that composes it. Indeed, not all materials have the same lifespan, some aging better than others. This is for example the case of the wood-aluminum combination which can last half a century without batting an eyelid or PVC which can be kept for forty years. As for aluminum alone, it has a lifespan of about 30 years, while that of wood hardly exceeds 12 to 15 years.

These longevities can be observed if the windows are perfectly maintained and insofar as the joinery is not exposed to a harsh climate. That is why it is better to install shutters that protect the windows and save energy. Under certain conditions, particularly related to the climate, the lifespan of all these materials can be considerably reduced. However, wear and degradation are the cause of heat loss.

Replace old windows for better sound insulation

We generally think of replacing our windows to obtain better thermal insulation, but not often to be better protected from outside noise. And yet, noise pollution is a scourge that affects more than 4 out of 10 French people. The vast majority live in urban areas.

The repercussions of noise on health are substantial, so much so that the World Health Organization (WHO) speaks of noise pollution. A window that closes badly is enough to make a person’s life hell because of outside noises that are no longer sufficiently filtered.

Change your windows to bring style to your home

After a few years of occupation of the premises, one may be tempted to bring one’s home up to date. But going from a rather classic style to an ultra-contemporary style generally involves replacing the windows in order to achieve perfect harmony.

Certainly the expense is not negligible, but it is useful because it is important to feel good at home and to be fully satisfied with the look of your house. We therefore take advantage of these major renovations to choose windows that meet the new standards, designed in a robust and easy-to-maintain material. The current windows are equipped with very efficient glazing on the thermal level which increases interior comfort.

What type of glazing to choose?

Single, double, triple‚Ķ The glazing that equips joinery today is extremely variable and it is difficult to choose if you are not part of it. The challenge is to obtain better energy performance than with the old windows. It should also be remembered that the joinery must be able to support the weight of the glazing. So we don’t just change the panes when we notice mold, but the whole window.

Whatever type of glazing you want to buy, the characteristics must meet the regulations in force which set very specific requirements. In this case, three factors make it possible to measure the performance of bare windows, namely :

  • light transmittance,
  • thermal transmission,
  • The solar factor.

When replacing a window, it may be worth opting for a larger model in order to benefit from good light. A large glazed surface brings more daylight to the house than a small window, which has the effect of reducing the electricity bill. In addition, natural light plays a vital role in health for all members of the family. It is just as important for the health of indoor plants.

With the exception of people with extensive experience in carpentry, it is better not to embark on this type of restoration alone. The equipment is expensive, and installation in the rules of the art is essential to benefit from all the advantages of the new joinery. Replacing your windows is very useful to benefit from better thermal and acoustic insulation, provided that the work is well done.

Calling on a specialized craftsman to change your windows is therefore strongly recommended, on the one hand to obtain an irreproachable result and to benefit from a guarantee. On the other hand, it allows you to be advised on the level of tax aid that may be granted since the craftsmen are perfectly informed on the subject. It is useful to find out beforehand because some aid can be abolished, others rehabilitated… But this is the responsibility of the public authorities!

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