Waxed concrete: what is it what use is it what does it cost?

Long considered a high-end material for decorating artists’ studios and New York lofts, waxed concrete is now democratized and enjoys a place of choice in the world of decoration and construction.

It gives an industrial style to any interior. Even better, the material is everywhere and even seeps into your garden. Focus on its particularities.

What is waxed concrete?

Polished concrete is a generic expression used to designate a range of decorative methods intended to create wall coverings or floor coverings with the help of colored concrete or mortar. It makes it possible to produce a thin covering intended to protect and decorate a screed.

It differs from cement in its composition. Cement is a powder material made up of alumina, silica, lime and iron oxide. Waxed concrete, on the other hand, is born from a mixture of sand, lime, clay and water. Added to this are pigments and a resin that will enhance its resistance capabilities. It appeared 25 years ago in the United States and continues to improve year after year to become today one of the leading coatings in construction and decoration.

It is appreciated because it makes it possible to achieve a material effect. It is resistant to wear and can be used everywhere: in restaurants, hotel receptions, entrance halls, shops, offices… Visually attractive, it offers an incomparable aesthetic and provides a luminous effect.

A multi-purpose material

In the house, waxed concrete is present everywhere: in the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom, the living room. From the walls to the ceiling, it covers all the supports and integrates naturally into the different places and spaces. Thanks to the constant innovations made by manufacturers, it has even become possible to use it in the creation of Italian showers, bathroom sinks or to create a kitchen worktop.

It is not afraid of damp rooms because it has significant resistance. On the other hand, it has not yet found its place in the bedrooms. Indeed, it is not really suited to the cocooning spirit that we want to create in this type of room because of its smooth finish and its cold appearance. In addition, waxed concrete will also be used outdoors to provide a touch of elegance and finesse to a terrace, for example.

A range of possible finishes for a beautiful decor

Manufacturers compete in creativity and imagination so that waxed concrete can be declined in multiple shades and finishes. If it is mainly associated with the industrial style, it now tries to get rid of this image to satisfy all desires in terms of decoration.

Thus, to obtain an irregular effect, the floated waxed concrete offers a beautiful rendering to the room with a floor with an aged appearance. Obtaining a shiny style is achieved thanks to tadelakt, a coating made up of water which is applied to the waxed concrete in question and which is both waterproof and visually clean.

On the price side, it is necessary to plan around 120 € / m² including the installation carried out by a professional. The prices can go up to 200 €/m² if it is a question of waxed concrete with a more luxurious character.

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