What to think about when building a pool?

It’s decided: in a few months the garden will host a swimming pool! Beautiful project indeed which promises a dream summer season. But have the essential steps and all the details been planned? There is still time to refine the swimming pool construction project to avoid unpleasant surprises, at the practical, legal and financial level.

Preparation of the swimming pool construction project: the essential points

It is better to get down to the development of your swimming pool project well in advance in order to have time, in case, to modify certain choices within the deadlines. This involves taking into account:

  • The area of ​​the land, its configuration (flat, uneven, etc.),
  • The area you wish to reserve for the swimming pool, its surface area, the trees which may prove to be in the way,
  • The type of swimming pool desired (buried swimming pool, above-ground swimming pool, natural swimming pool), the dimensions of the pool,
  • Arrangements around the pool so that the pool is perfectly integrated into its environment,
  • The construction of a technical room,
  • The various devices (maintenance, safety, wintering),
  • The formalities (application for a building permit or prior declaration of work, declaration of the swimming pool to taxes),
  • The overall budget (swimming pool, works, delivery, installation, development of the surroundings and decoration, but also maintenance, taxes, etc.).

Each point must be thought out seriously and methodically, then exposed to the swimming pools who also has an advisory role. He then goes study the feasibility of the project then offer a pool quote to his client.

Choose your swimming pool

Choosing the swimming pool requires reflection because it must correspond to the needs of the family. So we start with define the uses of the pool. But it is essential to think about the environment in which it will be installed, the problems due to the local climate and of course the household budget. There is a wide choice of swimming pools, namely:

  • The mini-pool : it is the perfect model for children to have fun all summer long,
  • The above ground pool : it is practical in regions where the winters never end because it can be dismantled to be stored in a room.
  • The inground swimming pool : if it is spacious enough, it allows you to practice swimming.
  • The swim lane : it appeals to people who want to do lengths every day.
  • The natural swimming pool : the must for nature lovers sensitive to ecological issues.

Each pool category comes in different shapes and sizes.

Lacking inspiration? Before setting up an unfinished project, it can be very useful to go to a Pool Lounge. In addition to dreaming, it is one of the places to visit imperatively to receive all the possible advice and discover what we do best in this field.

Determine the location of the pool

It is essential to know exactly in which area of ​​the land the pool will be installed. It is better to reserve a sunny space for it, sheltered from the prevailing winds and protected from prying eyes. This area must be spacious enough to also accommodate the technical room.

Determining the location of the swimming pool is not done lightly because the pool must be perfectly integrated into its environment. In addition, the configuration of this area of ​​the land can impact the budget.

Plan swimming pool construction work and administrative procedures

It is well in advance that the work inherent in the purchase of a swimming pool. It is essential to know at what time of year they will take place, knowing that they can take longer during the winter due to sometimes unfavorable weather conditions.

Who says work says administrative procedures. It is strongly advised to find out early enough about the planning rules of your municipality. It may be necessary, depending on the type of work and the category of swimming pool that you want to install at home, to submit:

  • Either an application for a building permit,
  • Either a prior declaration of work.

Response times must therefore be taken into account.

Choose the essential devices for the pool

Maintenance, safety, cleaning and lighting devices are all points that need to be considered well in advance. For this, it is essential to refer to the swimming pool specialist who will be able to direct his client towards the devices perfectly adapted to the swimming pool he has chosen.

Among the main devices for the swimming pool, we find for example:

  • Filters, pumps, discharge nozzles, the electrical box or skimmers,
  • Pool vacuum cleaners, hydraulic robots, automatic cleaning systems,
  • treatment products,
  • Safety devices such as alarm, barrier, tarpaulin, lighting.

The purchase of non-essential but very useful accessories must be taken into account in the swimming pool project as this can increase the overall cost.

Plan the layout of the area reserved for the swimming pool

This is another crucial question because the development of the surroundings of the swimming pool must bring the essential aesthetic touch to enhance the whole but also increase the comfort of the users.

It is important to plan the materials for the coping, the terrace or the beach, but also the furniture, the lampposts, the plants and the pots just like the style of technical room which one intends to make build. For example, it can incorporate a summer kitchen if there is enough space.

Whatever the desired layout, the ideal is to ensure that there is perfect harmony between the pool area, the land and the house.

Find the best solution to finance your swimming pool

We do not always have the budget needed to build a swimming pool in his garden because depending on the type of pond chosen, the earthwork and the resulting development, the overall amount can be substantial. Before embarking on such a project, it is better to conscientiously establish your swimming pool budget in order to set the limit not to be exceeded.

To do this, it is necessary to request several swimming pool quotes from three or four swimming pool specialists in order to compare the prices for the same service. Once the professional has been chosen, and before finalizing the project, it is possible to study with him the possibilities of financing the pool or to revise the fittings downwards, or even to choose another category of pool, in order to reduce the overall cost of the project. The main thing is not to be caught off guard.

There is another solution for finance your swimming pool smoothly, partially or totally thanks to a loan. This involves defining its repayment capacity. It is better to opt for low monthly payments so as not to go into excessive debt. The customer can obtain information from his bank or, in certain cases, directly from the swimming pool specialist. Indeed, some swimming pool specialists set up a partnership with loan organizations, which can be interesting for the customer who generally benefits from a negotiated borrowing rate.

As soon as you can assume the repayments, take advantage of a consumer credit at a reasonable rate to finance your swimming pool makes it possible not to postpone this beautiful project but on the contrary to be able to take advantage of it in the following months. It can be a good operation, knowing that a beautiful swimming pool built according to the rules of the art and perfectly fitted out increases the value of the real estate heritage.

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