How to make a Christmas wreath ?

If you want to create your own Christmas wreath, it’s pretty simple. The easiest way to design a homemade Christmas wreath is still to buy a ready-made wreath, decorate it and garnish it according to your tastes. Making a Christmas wreath yourself is not difficult and – it all depends on the size of the wreath you choose, in principle you don’t need a lot of time. Even if the activity itself can give you complete satisfaction and make you want to make it last. If you choose tree branches, for example, making a wreath could have a meditative aspect, if only because of the soothing scent of pine or fir.

Material for your Christmas wreath

  • A large armful of branches of pine, fir, etc.
  • A metal ring with a diameter of 20 centimeters
  • You file
  • a pruner
  • scissors for thread
  • newspaper

Tips for your Christmas wreath

The metal rings are available in different sizes and colors. As at the end you can hardly guess which ring is covered, the color doesn’t really matter. Cover your work surface with newspaper. The pine, fir or branches you have chosen may lose some of their thorns when the crown is tied.

How to make your Christmas wreath?

  • Tie small bouquets, that is, place a few branches slightly staggered together and wrap them with wire.
  • Place the bouquets made flat against the ring and attach the branches to the ring.
  • Arrange them, bouquet after bouquet, slightly on top of each other so that the wire is not visible and this, until the whole ring is covered. With the last bouquet, try to push the branches under those of the beginning in order to cover the whole of the ring, so that the wire can be seen as little as possible.
  • Cut off the overhanging branches.

The Christmas wreath can very well be used as it is. Put it on a plate, tray or other. And place one or more candles in its center.

You can also decorate this plant wreath with many other elements. It’s up to you to be creative! In the meantime, here are some ideas:

A Christmas wreath with pine cones

You can use this wreath base and decorate it with pine cones by attaching them to the base with wire. You can also create a wreath made entirely of pine cones. You take a pine cone, wrap it in wire, remember to twist the end to create a starter knot. Then you continue by reversing the direction – forming like a figure eight and moving on to the next apple of bread. And so on. Add intermediate decorative elements at your convenience. Then all you have to do is hang your Christmas wreath.

A wreath made of Christmas balls

In the same way, you can add Christmas balls to the wreath you have made from pine or fir branches. Or, you can make a wreath made entirely of Christmas balls. You will easily find the tutorial showing you how to make this wreath using a coat hanger. You need a metal hanger that you will deform to give it the silhouette of a circle. Manually or with pliers, open it so that you can thread your Christmas balls like a necklace. Choose Christmas balls in the same shades, but not necessarily identical. Completely cover your metal hanger then close it in the most discreet way possible by camouflaging the thing.

Pompom Christmas wreath

If you have balls of yarn at home, use them to create pompoms of different colors. You can then hang them from below on your vegetable Christmas wreath. Or if you have a pom pom maker, you might consider a wreath made exclusively from pom poms. For convenience, you can stick your pompoms on a straw wreath that you have purchased beforehand.

A Christmas wreath with buttons

In this case, it is buttons that dot the foliage. Opt for a multitude of colors or conversely choose only two to decorate your plant crown. You can also create mini-crowns with your buttons, as if you were making large hoop earrings. They will make very pretty Christmas decorations to hang in your tree.

A paper Christmas wreath

There are hundreds of wreaths to make yourself. And among the many examples you will find on the Net is the paper Christmas wreath. There is something for all styles, all families, all budgets and all levels of difficulty. It’s up to you to invent your own or follow one of the tutorials on the Web. Whatever happens, you will need paper and scissors. Unless you choose to use torn paper. The simplest version remains that of a paper plate that you hollow out from its center and on which you stick strips of light green and dark green paper alternately. You end up with a crown-sun if we consider that the strips of green paper are the rays. Then all you have to do is decorate it with very small pompoms, why not red, green and white, Christmas colors par excellence.

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