How do you fix a front door that doesn’t close properly?

There is nothing worse than a door that doesn’t close properly. This undermines safety while compromising the comfort of the inhabitants because of possible drafts and other insulation concerns affecting the house. To remedy this problem, you will have to get your hands dirty and adjust the front door.

Identify blocking points (hinges, friction, etc.)

Before getting down to the task, it is first necessary to determine precisely the nature of the problem. If it is a question of a wooden door, the excessive humidity could be the cause of the various frictions. The wood swells which causes a blockage in the structure.

The problem may also come from the files. Between the sash and the frame, if there is not enough clearance on the lock and handle side, the door may not close properly. Similarly, if the sash is too low or the lock roller does not close against the strikers, the door may not be able to close properly.

Set the front door step by step

In the case of a wooden door that rubs under the effect of humidity, planing will eventually be necessary. For this work, you need a spirit level, a plane, a screwdriver and sandpaper. The operation should ideally be carried out in cool, dry weather to prevent the humidity from playing tricks on you. Before you begin, first check that the problem is not the striker plate that needs readjusting or the hinge screws that need to be tightened.

If not, proceed to the next step. Plane the bottom and top of the door from the ends towards the center, always making sure to do it lengthwise. Each time, check that the door closes. Once the objective is reached, you can stop planing. Finish by checking with the spirit level to see if a little sanding is necessary. Finish with sandpaper.

If the problem is based on poor closing between the sash and the frame, take a 4 mm Allen key and tighten the plugs by screwing the top adjustment point for lateral movement of the sash. Carry out this operation on all the plugs of the door.

When the sash is too low, in this case, it will be necessary to loosen the plugs by doing so on the middle adjustment points with the allen key so as to be able to raise the door slightly. Do the operation on all the records.

A few actions to regularly maintain your front door

There are not a thousand and one solutions to keep your front door in good condition. The only rule is to avoid slamming it too hard each time because this can disrupt the plugs and thus cause a shift between the sash and the frame.

In the case of wooden doors prone to humidity, the installation of a good insulation system in the house will be required. Good ventilation is also essential to dissipate stagnant humidity in the house.

Fixing a badly closing front door is relatively simple. However, if despite your actions, the problem persists, calling a professional will then be recommended.

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