Pastel colors how to use them in decoration ?

Pastel colors are shades whose key words are light and gluttony. Coming from afar – they were considered until not so long ago as a bit childish or even outdated, today they are everywhere. They bring softness and modernity. Here are several ways to use them in your interior decorations.

Pastel colors: do not judge them too quickly

If you are reading this article, it may be that you are thinking of revamping your interior. It’s time for a change and you think why not pastel colors? Bravo to be among those who think that pastel has a lot to offer. For long gone are the days when pastel colors were considered reserved only for decorating nurseries, children’s rooms or women’s apartments. Their use has been rediscovered in recent times. The pastels are back and they do not go unnoticed. Long live the emergence of these very soft and ever more relaxing colors.

Pastel colors for even more softness

Cheerful and soft, pastel colors are springtime. These are light and soft tones that are increasingly considered neutral hues. They can help give a room a fresh feel and are perfect for the bathroom. They can also help create a calming interior and in this case are ideal for a bedroom. A great way to introduce pastel colors is to use upholstery fabrics, such as cushions and throws, for ever more harmony and softness.

Pastel colors to return to childhood

Of course, pastel colors have long been associated with childhood, baby clothes, sugared almonds. Even today, they work wonderfully in a child’s room. For a sky, clouds, stars decoration, a white and powder blue duo will have the most beautiful effect. For an animal decoration with rabbits, foxes and other polar bears, you can opt for a pale yellow or a soft green. Also consider graphic prints. The combination of the freshness of pastel colors with the design of graphic shapes and lines creates a contrast that is both subtle and modern.

A pastel-colored centerpiece

Are you looking for the “wow” effect, the one that attracts compliments? Imagine that even pastel colors can help create it. All you have to do is choose a centerpiece that will come as a high and strong affirmation of your uniqueness. Opt for a huge, very trendy powder pink sofa that you will enthrone in the middle of your living room. Choose the color that best suits your personality. It obviously works with any type of furniture, whether it is a daybed or a large dining room table, etc.

The pastel colors at the top on household appliances

Who remembers the kitchen appliances of yesteryear, white or beige? They have come a long way since… Today, if you go to a household appliance store, you will realize the extent of the ranges of colors offered. You can almost get a refrigerator, oven, or blender in every color of the rainbow. And pastel colors are no exception. Lavender, pale pink, powder green, light yellow… Spring colors are everywhere in your kitchen. Something to make it inspiring! No more monotony… You don’t have to succumb immediately to the most imposing rooms in your kitchen. Go gradually, start with a toaster, a kettle, in short, small household appliances.

Pastel colors for a cocooning decor

If you have a house or apartment that is mostly made up of lots of neutral shades, such as white or gray, you can use pastels to give your space a bit of relief. A simple touch of dusty pink or peach can add warmth and interest to a previously pared-down room.

Pastel colors, we love them over time

The pastel colors are soft and we never get tired of them. If you want to try without taking too much risk, nothing could be easier. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to introduce pastel colors into your home decor is to use fresh flowers. So have fun filling pretty vases with any pastel-colored flowers: sprigs of lilac or pale rosebuds, bring trendy pastel nature to your table or fireplace.

Pastel colors that go with everything

Pastel colors adapt to any room, they fit into any style. And we see them flourish in an endless number of decoration and DIY projects, especially on Pinterest. Take a look at your house or apartment and see where you could add a splash of pastel color! What would be your choice? Elegant powder-coloured chairs or boldly patterned rugs? The great thing about this trend is that you don’t have to completely redecorate your entire space to spruce it up. Whether you like the laid-back side of Shabby Chic interiors or the more classic rustic cottage look, pastel colors can be a great card to play when it comes to decorating. Pastel colors go well with everything, especially with light woods.

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