Should you go for a central island in your kitchen?

We’ve been talking about kitchen islands for some time now. More and more, kitchens are open to the living room or dining room. Larger and more open, kitchens have popularized the island concept. Would an island suit yours? If you are planning to renovate your kitchen and you ask yourself the question “kitchen island or not? Here are some things to consider.

What are the benefits of a kitchen island?

Every kitchen has potential, whether in terms of functionality or storage. Some of them, however, never have enough, which is why the island solves some of these problems, and in style, please!

A central island allows more storage in your kitchen

If your kitchen lacks storage space, a kitchen island can provide you with a solution. With the option of additional drawers, pull-out shelves or cabinets, the island is an extension of your existing storage areas. Have you ever thought that you don’t have enough space for your bins, for example? Under a kitchen island, the space is large and accessible!

A central island is perfect for cooking in company

To exchange while cooking, the island is an ideal place. Especially if you have children. Whether it’s homework time or they’re helping cook dinner, a kitchen island is just the place for your kids to feel in on the action and you can keep an eye on them. . Also, a kitchen island can serve as an informal dining area for you and/or your children. It can also be used as an additional reception area. Having access to your family or guests is always an advantage when cooking and preparing meals. And then, it’s always a plus to be able to accommodate more people.

A central island gives you the possibility to place additional kitchen equipment

Do you have a large kitchen? In this case, you can afford to add a sink, refrigerator drawers or an additional cooking area to your island. It’s a great way to make your kitchen more functional. If you add a hood above your island, then it tends to become the main element of the kitchen, its center of gravity: the place for all your receptions!

What are the disadvantages of a kitchen island?

The possible downside? Let the central island disturb the classic activity triangle sink / oven / refrigerator. The idea is not to create a dysfunction in the harmony of your kitchen but on the contrary to bring functionality to it. Equipping yourself with an island must remain synonymous with fluidity. That said, find out, not all central islands are necessarily rectangular in shape.

If you are a messy person, remember that your central island, if it is in an open kitchen, will be visible to everyone. If it’s often cluttered and you need a tidy living space, it could quickly become awkward.

The central island is not necessarily a must. You can use a table instead. With a table, you get more than just a dining area, everyone can use it by sitting around it, whereas with an island, seating is only reserved for certain sides. So it may be less user-friendly. And then the table, just like the trolley, you can push it and move it. And after all, rather than an island, you may have unearthed an extraordinary piece that could take pride of place in the middle of your kitchen? This could therefore bring style to your room at the same time as it allows you to peel vegetables! In the department of furniture that has a second life, you could find a magnificent chest of drawers to twist a central island in your kitchen. You sand it well, you find a new color for it – this is often what gives the charm of revisited furniture and adapt it as a central island. Perhaps it will be enough to cover it with a large board, which will become your new work plan?

Do you have room for a center island in your kitchen?

What you need to look at is if you have enough space to circle around your island. In general, there is a minimum clearance of at least 90 centimeters. Why so much? Because it’s supposed to be a workspace, an important area. And then you must be able to open the doors of the cupboards, the refrigerator or the dishwasher.

Do you have the budget to afford a kitchen with a central island?

To answer the question “should you fall for a central island in your kitchen?” », you have to be able to take your budget into account. In fact, adding a kitchen island necessarily generates additional costs of drawers, cabinets – all the elements that you choose to install there. So analyze the numbers, see if you have the budget available to crack for a central island in your kitchen!

Just for the record and because it’s good to have fun, here are the advantages of having a central island in your kitchen:

  • you get an additional work plan,
  • you can count on more storage space,
  • you add a dining area,
  • you can optionally install a small sink,
  • you can also interact with people who aren’t in the kitchen with you while you cook, or keep an eye out for kids doing their homework sitting around the island.

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