What is the Blanc de Meudon? What to use at home?

The Blanc de Meudon is a natural product who deserves to be known. Multifunction, it can be widely used at home. It is a great maintenance product. It is a non-polluting ally that must always be on hand. Here are some ideas for using Blanc de Meudon at home.

Blanc de Meudon: what is it?

Blanc de Meudon is a natural product obtained from the chalk extracted from the eponymous quarries. It can be found under different names, namely:

  • white marl,
  • Toulouse white,
  • Champagne white,
  • chalk white,
  • White from Troyes.

Le Blanc de Meudon, entitled PW18 in pigment nomenclature, consists of 10% clay and to 90% calcium carbonate. It is very frequently used in industry, in particular for the manufacture of paints and gouache.

Blanc de Meudon comes in the form of a white powder. It offers many advantagesto know :

  • Slightly abrasive,
  • Cleaner,
  • Very absorbent,
  • Polyvalent,
  • Efficient,
  • 100 % naturel,
  • Does not damage the materials,
  • don’t scratch,
  • Makes shine,
  • Harmless to humans, animals, the environment,
  • Extract from French quarries (Meudon is located in the Paris Basin),
  • Easy to use,
  • Cheap.

Used since the Renaissance, Blanc de Meudon has really proven itself.

Do not confuse Blanc de Meudon and Blanc d’Espagne

Be careful however, it is sometimes called White of Spainbut this name is attributed to it wrongly since the Blanc d’Espagne is made from clay and not chalk. It is therefore two different natural products.

Some ideas to take advantage of the power of Blanc de Meudon

Blanc de Meudon is the ideal solution that has everything to please eco-friendly people and those who simply wish to respect the planet as well as the health of their family since it is natural and nontoxic. It is also part of the panoply natural cleaning products to have absolutely at home, as is also the case for black soap, sodium bicarbonate, white vinegar or even Sommières earth. Here are some examples of services provided at home by Blanc Meudon.

Blanc de Meudon and water: a versatile cleansing cream

Prepare a crème universal cleaner for different metals/materials. It is a slightly pasty cream that is obtained simply by mixing Meudon white wine with a little water. Just put it on a cloth to clean:

  • Plastic,
  • All metal joinery (windows, doors, shutters, etc.),
  • A marble object or worktop, even marble tiling or even a plaque or a tombstone,
  • ceramic hobs,
  • silverware,
  • A stainless steel sink,
  • Brass,
  • Stainless steel such as cutlery, some furniture legs, etc.,
  • tin,
  • earthenware,
  • Glass (furniture, windows, crockery, vases, etc.).

Blanc de Meudon in no way alters glass, marble or other materials.

Blanc de Meudon and white vinegar: a muscular stain remover

Combined with white vinegar, Blanc de Meudon can be used to overcome tough spots on many materials. Once the product has been applied to the stain, let it act, rub lightly and rinse with clear water.

Blanc de Meudon and water: to decorate your windows or hide them

By mixing 2 measures of Blanc de Meudon with one measure of water, you can obtain a paste that allows you to whiten a window the time of the repair work of his shop for example or quite simply to hide a window of the house, whatever the reason.

Better than a toxic product in a bomb, this thick cream is ideal so that young and old can decorate mirrors and windows by drawing festive patterns on it, perfect for a birthday or at Christmas time. The Blanc de Meudon then simply withdraws to the soft cloth and Sec.

Blanc de Meudon, Marseille soap, ammonia: for streak-free windows and mirrors

Windows and mirrors get dirty quickly, and many cleaning products do not always achieve the expected result. Traces often remain, especially if you clean your windows exposed to the sun. To finally get sans effort windows and mirrors sparklingit is enough to mix with Blanc de Meudon powder, a spoonful of ammonia in which we dilute a spoonful of shavings of Marseille soap.

Admittedly, the product does not smell very good and the ammonia vapors should not be inhaled. So we carry a mask during the operation which consists of depositing this mixture on a lint-free cloth and cleaning the glass surfaces as usual. But this homemade preparation is perfect for obtaining windows and mirrors of a amazing sharpness and one zero defect transparency.

It is recommended to wear protective gloves when using certain products such asammonia (in addition to glasses) or the vinegar for example. Some people can have allergies. But with pure Blanc de Meudon, there is no risk.

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