Window : comparison between PVC aluminium or wood ! Our advice

Whether for replacement or for the installation of new windows, the selection must be made after careful consideration, because many essential parameters are involved in this choice, such as the material for example.

PVC window

If this material is so popular with the French, it is because an inexpensive PVC window offers a very good quality/price ratio. The proof, out of five houses or apartments, three are equipped with it. Why so much excitement? Already, here is a very aesthetic material available in a very wide variety of colors that you can choose for indoors and/or outdoors.

In addition, PVC is also malleable at will to adapt to all sizes and all types of windows. It is quite possible to order custom-made. However, its cost remains very affordable compared to other materials. In addition, did you know that with this type of window, rooms enjoy excellent thermal and acoustic insulation and therefore good energy performance? Not so if the main objective is to reduce energy consumption. You will thus be in compliance with the standards imposed by RT 2012, particularly for newly constructed buildings. Indeed, associated with triple glazing, PVC windows are increasingly found on passive houses.

aluminum window

Qualified as a modern and contemporary material, aluminum is currently the darling of designers as well as architects. As it is found everywhere, it is only natural that aluminum elegantly dresses doors and windows. Otherwise, one of its great assets is its ease of integration on all exterior facades of the house, whatever the style. And similar to PVC, there is also plenty to choose from when it comes to colours.

In addition, opting for aluminum skylights also means providing good clarity and optimal brightness in a room since, insofar as this material is both thin and light, there is therefore a minimum of space. and the glazed surface gained is maximum. Hence, no doubt, its use in the manufacture of large bay windows and sliding windows. On the other hand, aluminum windows remain interesting investments, because this material has the particularity of exceptionally resisting time, wear, climatic variations and external aggressions.

wooden window

Before the advent of polyvinyl chloride and aluminum, all windows were made of wood. Here is a material that has always been appreciated and much in demand due to its noble, classy and warm character. The wood, especially when the essence has kept its natural colour, quite simply enhances the frame. And that’s not to mention its exceptional thermal insulation properties.

In addition, entirely natural, wood is one hundred percent recyclable, but above all ecological and therefore does not present any danger to the environment. Not to mention its pleasant touch, compared to aluminum which is cold to the touch. But also think of the multiplicity of species available to name only oak, larch, or especially pine.

No surprise at all that wood is the most expensive of the three. Only complaint, the wood requires a lot of attention and maintenance if we want it to age well. A specific treatment must be done regularly so that the material does not rot. You can request a wood window quote here.

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