Modernize your bedroom : 10 tips and tricks

A room, we still spend a lot of time there, right? If you want this refuge of your intimacy to be in tune with modernity, a few small changes are to be made. Without redoing your bedroom from top to bottom, here are 10 ideas to really renew it.

1 – Warmth and softness, the trend is cocooning

It seems that we have gotten used to being at home more often… Never mind, this is the opportunity to make your bedroom a soft little nest. The trend is clearly cozy. Warm colors and natural materials are in vogue. This is the era of simplicity and sweetness. You add your personal touch, just to feel really at home, with a recycling or DIY spirit that is completely in tune with the times.

2 – Change the color of the walls

In a bedroom, today we favor natural and soothing shades. The light walls highlight the wooden furniture, very popular in their authentic colors. But be careful not to fall into the cutesy. The walls are displayed in white but also in grey, beige or earth colors. These are colors that bring warmth while playing with light. In contrast, a wall can be dressed in a stronger color or patterned wallpaper. And there, it is your personality which is expressed!

3 – Declutter, there will be enough left

Want modern? Say goodbye to everything that accumulates excessively in your room. Make a little vacuum. Keep only what is really useful, really beautiful, what makes you really happy. Prioritize quality over quantity. A modern bedroom is a place where you breathe. This supposes eliminating all the trinkets that accumulate dust… And if some really remind you of lasting memories, group them in a box and presto, in the closet. (You’ll enjoy delving into it in your nostalgic moments.)

4 – Modernize your bed frame

The bed is undoubtedly the king of furniture in a bedroom. If its frame is heavy and imposing, you can completely remove it (the frame, not the bed!) and create a more modern headboard. To make a success of your headboard, the solutions depend on your taste and the size of your room. Why not just dress the wall with a beautiful wallpaper or a wooden panel the width of your bed? Or install one or two wall shelves, creating two graphic lines above the bed? Do you have a small bed? Install a queen size headboard. The overflow awakens the wall. Another option is to repaint your old bed frame in a light, bright color.

5 – Surround yourself with natural materials

Everything that is textile can be renewed at little cost. If you want to change the curtains or the bed linen, go for natural materials, such as linen, or with various textures (velvet, cotton, wool, etc.). When it comes to colors, anything is possible! The softness of light colors can be combined with floral or geometric patterns, solid and strong colors…

Another idea is to mark your intimate territory with a slew of cushions. It’s friendly, warm and welcoming. A new bedding set accompanied by multicolored cushions will already give your bedroom a new air. And don’t forget the curtains: light curtains that let the light in…

6 – Improve the brightness

Speaking of light, it is important to light a room well. Because we don’t just sleep there; we play there, we read there, we work there sometimes, in short we live there! Rather than a large ceiling light that illuminates all your activities equally, bet instead on lights adapted to each one. A wall lamp for the bedside, a floor lamp for the reading chair, a work spot, etc. And if you want to keep a ceiling light, choose a nice, very large light fixture (if the room allows it) with a soft light that won’t dazzle the room. If the bedroom is small, feel free to add mirrors. Nothing better to play with light and enlarge the space.

7 – Customize a wall

Don’t clutter your walls with lots of posters and intrusive decorations. But choose a wall that will fully reflect your personality. You can install a single painting there, but also a composition of small frames, photos, drawings, paintings of all kinds, souvenirs or flea market purchases… The idea is that this wall expresses your personality. You don’t need to go broke for that. A modern decoration is both simple and unique.

8 – Mix styles

Avoid keeping outdated objects lives. But you can combine, in all modernity, the old and the new. A Grendizer figurine watch can easily be placed on a small, ultra-design piece of furniture. Or video games to store in a wicker basket. If you have a chest of drawers inherited from your old aunt, do not forbid yourself to revamp it. A modern color can make an old piece of furniture look crazy. You have understood, we can mix types and eras, the main thing is to keep only the best.

9 – Opt for functional storage

Storage is important, but it must be discreet and decorative. You read correctly ! The sobriety of the lines and colors of a piece of furniture becomes its charming asset. If it is simple, it will embellish the room. Discreet, a storage unit must above all be functional and practical. Opt for large modules where you can store everything, bed linen and your clothes. A made-to-measure piece of furniture will adapt to your room, but there are many sober and complete dressing rooms that are easy to install.

10 – Think green

Nowadays, the height of modernity is to make room for vegetation. And not just by decorating a wall with exotic patterns. No, a real, living plant will give your bedroom a decidedly modern look, once you’ve lightened and modernized the rest. So think about it. The plants are generous, they know how to bring a touch of freshness and a relaxing green note.

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