Redo your bathroom on a budget: 9 tips and solutions

It may seem insurmountable, yet renovating your bathroom on a small budget is quite achievable. You think that renovating a bathroom must necessarily be very expensive and requires the replacement of all your elements. Do not be fooled by this idea, be more down-to-earth, you will see that you can redo your bathroom with a reduced budget. Thinking outside the box and thinking about alternative solutions allows you to find more economical ways of doing things. Follow these leads and in the end you will have a bright and functional bathroom, and the icing on the gift is still a little nest egg in your bank account. Here are a few tips.

1 – Think efficiency rather than delusions of grandeur

You have the idea of ​​knocking down partitions to renovate your entire bathroom or even installing the bathroom in another room. Unfortunately, these projects are probably the most expensive. The most reasonable solution seems to be this: keep your current bathroom room as it is, even if its square footage is rather small. And use your budget to make your bathroom as beautiful and practical as possible. To make you feel really good there.

2 – Find out about the prices

How much does a good bathtub cost? A bathroom cabinet? What are the bathroom tile brands to know? And who are the manufacturers of bathroom fittings? Answering all of these questions can save you money. So, wander between furniture store shelves, browse catalogs, blogs and home décor sites, visit places that display bathrooms – and find out what bathroom furniture you can consider, how much does certain furniture cost and what makes bathroom furniture more or less expensive. If you prepare in this way, you will not have to rely completely on the various recommendations of others since you will be able to evaluate prices and products yourself.

3 – Choose your tiles wisely

You’re in luck, the trend today is for a minimum of tiling in the bathroom. It is only placed in the most strategic places. No more floors and walls completely covered with tiles. So it’s a good way to save!

4 – Look for cheaper alternatives

In terms of tiling, the white color is less expensive than the others. A colored bathtub of a particular shape less expensive than the classic white bathtub. If you know the alternatives, you will reduce your costs. So be open to new ideas and take your time to look around: is there a cheaper product in a different shape or color? Or something similar from a cheaper brand? Perhaps another layout of the room could be considered, for example replacing a bathtub with a large shower?

5 – Prefer quality to design

In the bathroom too, it is often the design that makes things more expensive. So you have to rely on good bathroom furniture brands, but on simpler products. Some designer brands offer truly extraordinary bathroom accessories – but these also have their price. If you want to spend less without sacrificing quality, it’s best to see if the same brand also offers simpler models. And if you’re worried about someone noticing that you don’t have high-end designer faucets, here’s another secret: most people aren’t at all interested in what other people have at home. And if they do, very few of them can tell a designer fitting from a cheaper branded fitting!

6 – Pay attention to the online offer

Bathroom furniture is often much cheaper in online shops than in specialist companies. Take a look at what can be saved online when it comes to bathroom furniture. If you use a professional, you can ask to supply your goods yourself – because this item is sometimes subject to a significant margin with the plumbing companies that install your sanitary facilities. So ask your plumber what his service costs with and without equipment.

7 – Favor the timeless rather trendy decoration

The latest bathroom trends are expensive – precisely because they are new. Avoid buying items for your bathroom that are currently in style, but keep an eye out for so-called timeless designs, even if they’ve been around for a while.

8 – Do with what you already have

Before buying new bathroom furniture, see if you have forgotten treasures in the back of your attic or garage. One or two beautiful mirrors that are actually intended for the living room often give bathrooms a lot more charm than a classic square bathroom mirror. This also applies to seats or cabinets. Obviously, all these parts must first be treated against humidity. So go around your home for you if nothing can be recycled in your bathroom: it costs nothing!

9 – Do it yourself

No, not everyone can update their bathroom themselves. But maybe you or someone you know can help you with your bathroom renovation. Painting, fixing a piece of furniture, the tasks are numerous and there is the potential for savings in every bathroom renovation.

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