Price of renovating a frame: cost quote and advice

The frame is an essential part of your home. It supports the roof and protects you from the outside. Regular monitoring of its quality and condition allows you to ensure its stability. However, like any element of a house, it wears out over time and it may need partial or total renovation. Let’s discover together the budget that you will need to plan according to the type of your structure and its condition.

When and why should you renovate your frame?

Renovating a frame can be constrained by the observation of significant damage, for example following deterioration of the roof by a storm, due to rain infiltration or an invasion of termites, etc. But the renovation of a frame may also be necessary if you have to sell your property or if you modify the covering of your roof and the current structure cannot support it as it is.

A structural renovation cannot be done without preparation. It must begin with the realization of a precise diagnosis by the care of a specialized professional. A diagnosis involves several steps:

  • Detection of pests such as insects and fungi.
  • Checking the condition of the wood.
  • Traces of fragility or deterioration of the structure due to previous problems.

Depending on the result of the diagnosis, the professional will direct you towards a complete or partial renovation of the frame.

It is advisable to carry out an overall check every 10 to 30 years depending on the nature of the material. Make sure you regularly check the good condition of your frame and maintain it well, so you will prolong its life and you can better guarantee its solidity. Of course, the care to be taken depends on the materials of which it is made.

During your checks, you may be forced to carry out or have a professional carry out several types of work, including the application of a water-repellent treatment to fight against humidity, a fungicide to eliminate fungi and insects or to replace several very damaged parts. These actions will allow you to preserve the quality of your frame regularly and avoid a complete replacement, costly and restrictive for your comfort.

Do not hesitate to seek the skills of a professional and to request an accurate diagnosis.

What budget should I plan to renovate a frame?

The price of a structural renovation is variable since it is subject to several factors.

  • The type of frame: wooden frame, metal frame or concrete frame, each has its specificities and its cost. Each material has its requirements and needs, the level of technicality required greatly changing the price.
  • The condition of the frame: obviously, the more a frame is worn, the more the work will be important and therefore expensive.
  • The surface of the frame: renovation prices are calculated per square meter. The more there are, the more the amount of the invoice swells.
  • The type of frame: an industrial or farmhouse frame is simpler and therefore less expensive to renovate than a traditional frame, the latter requiring special know-how.
  • The prices charged by the chosen carpentry company, the cost of labor varying greatly from one professional to another.

It is estimated that a structural renovation costs on average between 30 and 100 euros per square meter for the application of a treatment, and between 250 and 500 euros per square meter if the replacement of parts is necessary.

For comparison, be aware that the removal of an old dilapidated roof and the installation of a new new roof will be billed to you between 10,000 and 17,000 euros.

Renovate a wooden frame

The wooden frame is the most common model. Wood is a particularly strong and resistant material. On the other hand, it remains sensitive to many factors and, for this reason, it requires special maintenance. It is indeed prone to humidity, fungi, molds, termites and any other xylophagous insects, all of which can compromise the solidity and stability of the entire structure.

For houses equipped with a wooden frame, it is recommended to regularly inspect the latter in order to detect the slightest risk as quickly as possible and to act immediately. Letting a problem persist will only spread it; you will then have to proceed with the total renovation of your frame instead of concentrating only on the affected part.

You can carry out an inspection yourself once a year if your framework is accessible. Check for any traces of mold and humidity, signs of wear from aging wood and track the holes dug by pests. If you detect the slightest anomaly, do not hesitate to seek the services of a professional, if only to confirm the presence and nature of a problem and to advise you on the procedure to follow to overcome it. .

A wooden frame needs treatment every 10 to 20 years, whether to protect it from humidity, insects or fungus.

How much does it cost to renovate a wooden frame?

  • The renovation of a wooden frame costs on average 70 to 100 euros per square meter.
  • The application of an antiparasitic treatment, anti-xylophagous insects or anti-fungi is invoiced on average 50 to 100 euros per square meter.
  • A more specific treatment against dry rot will cost you between 90 and 100 euros per square meter, application included.
  • A partial renovation of a wooden roof is invoiced on average 60 euros per meter, against 200 euros for a total renovation. This type of frame remains the most expensive to renovate.

Renovate a metal frame

The metal frames are made of galvanized steel, a durable and resistant material which is a mixture of iron and carbon covered with a film of zinc to limit the risk of corrosion. Unlike the wooden frame, it is immune to problems of humidity, infiltration and parasitic attacks. No specific maintenance is required.

However, older models of structural steelwork are more sensitive and can fail over time. Regular checks will ensure that the structure is of good quality. If you notice that an element is wearing out or deforming, seek the advice of a professional in order to carry out a renovation without delay. It is possible to install braces to reinforce the stability of the structure and the installation of spacers helps to maintain the distance between the ties.

If you want to give your metal frame a facelift, you can brush it with a wire brush, clean it and sand it before applying a coat of suitable protective paint.

How much does it cost to renovate a metal frame?

  • For a partial renovation of the metal frame, count 50 euros on average per square meter.
  • For a total renovation of the metal frame, plan a budget of around 150 euros per square meter.

Renovate a concrete frame

The concrete frame is the rarest model on the market, even if it tends to develop more and more on all types of construction, including homes. Concrete has the advantage of being an insulating, resistant, light and economical material.

A concrete frame requires little or no maintenance. It is enough to carry out a control from time to time, as for the metal frame, in order to make sure that it does not present a defect. If in doubt, call a professional, only he is qualified to establish the correct diagnosis.

How much does it cost to renovate a concrete frame?

  • The average price for a partial concrete roof renovation is around 40 euros per square meter.
  • To completely renovate your concrete frame, plan a budget of around 130 euros per square meter.

The special case of old traditional frameworks

If you have bought or inherited an old property, you will also need to ensure that the framework of your home is in good condition. If possible, find out the exact age of the frame. The peculiarity of this type of ancient structure is that the preservation of its quality and beauty is only possible by means of ancient techniques and know-how, sometimes centuries old.

To renovate your old frame, you will be forced to call on a professional qualified for this type of structure and having old tools and knowledge of the techniques used at the time of its construction. This is the only way to preserve it without wearing it out prematurely, as modern renovation techniques are totally incompatible with old structures.

Any repair or renovation operation must be carried out in compliance with materials and ancient traditions, in particular fixing with dowels or mortices and tenons.

Only an estimate made by a professional specialized in this type of renovation will allow you to know the budget that you will need to plan to partially or completely renovate your old traditional frame.

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