Changing wooden windows for PVC windows: what are the pros? What is the cost ?

Wood is a noble material but which after a few years shows signs of aging. When it is the essential component of a window, this wear impacts the quality of the insulation. This is why you may have to replace your wooden windows with PVC windows, a more modern material. Let’s take stock of the advantages it provides and the budget to devote to the operation.

Why should you change your wooden windows?

A homeowner may wish to change their wooden windows for different reasons, namely:

Improve thermal insulation

The windows from another age are in poor condition and no longer close perfectly. The wood is worm-eaten, split, deformed: the cold air ends up penetrating inside the house in winter, and when it is very hot outside during the summer season, the indoor temperature ends up being unbearable.

Increase sound insulation

With old wooden windows, in terms of noise pollution, it’s not better! With poorly closed windows, outside noise is highly perceptible from inside the house, day and night, and this can be a source of stress. The very old wooden windows that were installed on the houses were only single-glazed. However, this displays a poor performance in terms of acoustic insulation (and thermal insulation too).

When you want to modernize your windows in order to benefit from greater interior comfort, you just have to opt for double glazing or triple glazing. This is usually the right time to switch from wood to something completely different.

Spend less time maintaining your windows

Many people want to opt for a material that requires less maintenance than wood. This is the case with PVC which only requires very low maintenance to retain its original appearance as well as its mechanical properties. It is weather and UV resistant. A simple wipe with a damp sponge is enough to perfectly clean PVC windows.

Improve the look of your home

The wooden windows bring an authentic touch to the facade and very aesthetic also provided that they are in good condition. When they are rotten, the general look is far from glamorous. New windows modernize the exterior decor, especially when they are PVC.

Change your wooden windows to save energy

Even if changing windows has a fairly significant cost, the energy savings that can be achieved through new windows represent a good return on investment. Let’s take the example of a 100 M² house comprising an entrance hall, 3 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom and separate WC, i.e. 9 windows. After replacing all the windows, the savings made on heating each year, in a temperate climate, is assessed as follows:

Knowing that changing 9 windows costs between 6,000 and 9,000 €, it only takes a few years to amortize its investment.

In addition, beautiful windows that close well increase the value of a property whatever. This is very important in case of resale of his house.

PVC windows, quality at a competitive price

PVC is a popular material even when you don’t want to reserve too much of a budget for your new windows. For a reasonable sum, thanks to PVC, you can have a solution offering many advantages, such as:

  • A good performance in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation,
  • And current designPVC is available in a very wide range of colors or in different shades that imitate wood,
  • The ease of maintenance.

PVC is the ideal material to benefit from a good value for money. It is for this reason that out of 10 windows sold, 6 are made of PVC.

The price of a PVC window depends of course on the dimensions of the window, the type of glazing but also on the color of the PVC and the presence or not of small wood. Here are some price ranges including VAT for PVC windows.

  • Double-glazed PVC window with two leaves of 125 x 120 cm: from 150 to 300 €,
  • Double-glazed PVC window with two leaves of 115 x 100 cm: from 80 to 240 €.

To these rates should be added the cost of removal of the old wooden window and the setup cost of the new PVC window.

PVC windows, top of the range or nothing

To benefit from a much better quality, it is recommended to opt for a premium PVC windowalthough it is more expensive than the entry-level model as shown by the price ranges given above.

If you wish to obtain a precise costing corresponding to your needs, the easiest way is to request quotes through an online window comparator. The process is done in a few clicks. It allows you to assess the cost and feasibility of the project without wasting time. Of course, carpentry quotes are completely free and without obligation.

The chosen craftsman then goes to his client to discuss the project point by point. Very attentive, this professional will be able to direct him towards PVC windows of very good quality and indicate to him all the financial aid to which he can claim in order to reduce your spending.

Financial aid to change your windows

As the replacement of windows responds to environmental concerns, various aids are granted under certain conditions for this type of development. It is important to learn about all the possible solutions because these financial advantages considerably reduce the cost of the operation. Among the possible aids, we find for example:

  • The primes the energy granted under conditions and according to the energy supplier,
  • The Tax credit for the Energy Transition or CITE of a maximum of 30% of the overall cost,
  • Eco PTZ or Eco Loan at Zero Ratewithout income conditions,
  • The Reduced VAT at 5.5%,
  • Aid from the National Housing Agency or Anah restricted to low incomes.

It is sometimes possible to also be granted certain aid paid by the local authorities.

Replacing wooden windows with PVC windows is really a economical solution which allows toimprove living comfort and the aesthetic aspect of the house. However, you should know that PVC is not suitable for very large windows, French windows and bay windows. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a material whose strength is not sufficient to guarantee the durability of such heavy equipment.

If you wish to buy this type of XXL sash, you can preferably turn to thealu or even towards mixed, either a combination of materials such as aluminum and PVC or aluminum and wood. Again, rates can be obtained with just a few clicks.

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